A&F Photography was born with passion. The mainstream photographer will sell you on their poetic or artistic shots, but more than art or beauty is a sense of feeling unique. We have a goal. A vision. A theme like no other. We capture elegance in its simplest form, making it worth more than just a thousand words. It’s not just about the lighting or how you angle your camera, it’s about turning something so normal into something absolutely extraordinary.
To bring life into something as simple as a photograph you need quite an imagination. A mind that extracts creativity out of pure simplicity. Now that, in our most humble opinion, is a true photographer. Our story is simple: two best friends, both with science backgrounds, hardworking students with plenty of life experience. What makes us different, however, is our passion. Without passion life is simply boring. Our passion for photography allows us to explore our creative, scientific minds. There is nothing more important than having your special day feel more important than ever. Let us amplify your “thousand word” moments with elegance.